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About Me

Ex-New Yorker, with an international background, Pascale is scheduled to shoot an independent short, Little Mother Lies, directed by Amanda Jones, in late February and is getting ready to bring her solo show to New York City in the Spring. This is a BIG one!!! Pascale works on both coasts as well as Canada, England and France. From Shakespeare to Shepard, she makes her characters “fully human as they retain rather than reveal their basic human mysteries." (Ron Foley MacDonald @The Chronicle Herald)​

Battled scarred, yet fiercely determined, Pascale still refuses to compromise. Also a theatre director, poet, playwright, fiction and screenplay writer, her work is inspired by the Chorus' words in Jean Anouilh's ANTIGONE, “The whole world has fallen on you and all you can do about it is shout…[but not because you are trying to make a point, but because]... you learn a lot from it..." and if you do it well, she adds, others may learn to shout too.

Mother, artist, and teacher, she's also a pretty fine chef who makes up recipes on the spot, Pascale adores kids, from when they pop out of the womb to young adults... after that, forget about it. Uh, not true, read on: she also loves diving in swirling ocean waves and feeling the ice-cold water around her body as she stretches it under water... she loves running on crisp hard snow, reading a brilliant and confronting novel and exchanging stories with friends, from which, really, when you think about it, everything... just everything arises. 


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