About Me

An Ever Evolving Dance


When Pascale was seven, she saw a production of ANTIGONE, in which her mother played the Nanny. She bawled her eyes out in the middle of the audience (something ill-advised in her house) because she so deeply identified with Antigone’s struggle to be herself. Later that night under covers, she vowed to transform her feelings into art in order to create a bridge from one person’s aloneness to anothers'.

Unflinchingly, Pascale will “do whatever it takes to be allowed to be herself..." Extracted from Pascale’s wildly popular solo show, THE INS AND OUTS OF FINGERS, SPOONS AND AN OPEN MARRIAGE, directed by Austin Pendleton.


Battle scarred, yet fiercely determined, Pascale still refuses to compromise. A cross between Francis McDormand and Meryl Streep, Canadian theatre critics have hailed her work as “electrifying." Pascale is capable of “juggling pure vulnerability with sudden flashes of violence." From Shakespeare to Shepard, she makes each character “fully human as they retain rather than reveal their basic human mysteries." 

Mother and artist, Pascale believes children are the beating heart of the world. She loves diving in ocean waves, running down hills (WHEEE!), reading mind-blowing fiction (from Adiche to Ferrante) and exchanging stories with friends, from which, really, when you think about it, everything, just everything arises.