The Ins and Outs of Fingers, Spoons and an Open Marriage


goes to Pittsburg 


"An inspired and cutting edge show." -  BJ Wasserman. Executive Director Inside Circle Foundation

"An intense, brave, vulnerable yet powerful woman who takes her 'hubby's suggestion of an open marriage and discovers a lot in the process. This is an excellent one-woman performance that will grip you and leave you thinking about it long after the show is over. " Lisa Kadyk


"Utterly compelling." Cristina Garcia, American journalist, novelist and playwright, Dreaming in Cuban, The Lady Matador’s Hotel, Here in Berlin


Battle scarred and still willing, artist and mother Pascale Roger-McKeever still refuses to compromise. After performing to a sold-out house audience in the New York City 2019 United Solo Festival, her show re-opened Pittsburg's theatre after a two year dark period as part of the Off The Wall series this part February. Next stop London and Dublin.  Exact dates to be locked in soon.


A suburban Mom accepts her husband’s invitation to an open marriage and proceeds with a singleness of purpose no one saw coming. The Ins and Outs acknowledges and embraces the acute discomfort of living out our inescapable sexuality. A funny and shameless exploration of shame itself that for good measure upends accepted notions about healing and self-realization along the way.


Pascale’s writing is inspired by the following quote, “…the whole sky has fallen on [me] and all [I] can do about it is shout.” (Antigone, Jean Anouilh)


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