The Ins and Outs of Fingers, Spoons and an Open Marriage

Written and Performed by PASCALE ROGER-MCKEEVER


a mid 40’s Mom up to her tits in a one-sided love affair and conducting a mud wrestling match with her own psyche. This is the kind of pain that feels good to watch.

From Austin Pendleton, B’way director, playwright, actor, teacher: "Extraordinary. [...] It’s funny. It’s sometimes almost harrowing. It’s a roller-coaster. Not an unoriginal word occurs in it [...] working on the piece with Pascale has been one of the most exciting times I’ve had as a director, and I’ve been directing professionally for fifty years. And I’ve seen the effect that the piece has on an audience. It’s electric." 

"A remarkable journey into the interior of a woman experiencing what Shakespeare called 'the very wrath of love'... brilliantly performed and written with gut-wrenching honesty by Pascale Roger." - Michael Billington - The Guardian.

To come: San Francisco, London, NYC, Melbourne.


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