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Shepard Up Close and Personal

For For Love

Fool for love packs a punch with great acting, set, lighting.

"Sam Shepard's Fool for Love is amazing thatre in a rocketing 70-minute production in the tiny Agricola Street space called The Space.

Experienced Nova Scotia director/actor Richard Donat is that ghost and he is a pervasive, compelling presence. Even when he is silent, audience members keep shifting there eyes to him for he is reacting with a tightening of the lips, a narrowing of the eyes, a certain set to his jaw. 


Donat, who suggests an inner violence, would dominate if not for Pascale Roger-McKeevr's riveting performance as May. This actor gives May a flinty strength even as she is distressed and angry. It's as if a motor is running inside May's body, she has a constant, awkward, anxious physicality. Roger McKeevers thin yet totally energized body is a fascinating element in her portrayal of May. 


Ingrid Risk's lighting design blazes hot light on Roger-McKeevers pale skin and the low-cut, bright red dress that May casually pulls on over her black push-up bra. May is both a fighter and a victim, an intelligent woman but a woman incapable of escaping her past. Roger-McKeever etches out all her dimensions."

- Article by Elissa Barnard, The Chronicle Herald | Halifax, NS | December 14, 2006

Fool For Love.jpg

Photographer: Christian Laforce

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